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About Us... is owned and operated by DNS Technology Consultants, Inc.

Our company was formed to assist small businesses with Internet and technology related issues. We believe there is an increasing need for businesses to turn to IT or Internet professionals who work with new technology on a daily basis. To meet the needs of the growing Internet consumer community and to remain competitive, small businesses must keep pace with these technologies. It is the goal of our company to offer technological and Internet assistance, allowing the business owner to focus on what he knows best, his product or service.

We have consulted with many small business owners who have made the decision to incorporate e-commerce into their business structure. These businesses have discovered that there is more to Internet related business than just establishing a web page. We have guided them through the process by explaining different scenarios and options. Through strategic planning, these businesses have had success with their e-commerce implementation.

Our company is dedicated to assisting small business owners with their technology needs.

What a time saver!
Thank you so much for creating this site. This has saved me so much time so that I donít have to figure out how to do it myself on my companyís web page. Using the system was simple and easy, just as advertised. Way to go
- Mark - Alabama

If you would like us to feature your experience with, use our "Contact Us" page to send it in. we will be proud to post it. Please make sure you include your first name, and what state your are from.

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